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GNASP TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a technology company that invested in technology with the aim of creating a range of products that will simplify everyday life and create a self-employed environment.

So far the company has been successful in creating and owning the following products to simplify everyday life.

Service Cloud Platform and Service Cloud Application

Nyumba Cloud Platform

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Security System Installations

- CCTV Cameras - Access Control - Fire Alarm - Electric Fence - Electric Gate

ICT Services

including -Software Installation &Troubleshooting -Office Equipment Installations & Printers Maintenance


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Best Industry Connections

We provide industries connection, B2B & B2C platforms to facilitate daily-life.

Trainings & Guidance

We provide both Business & ICT Trainings embedded with marketing strategies.

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Technology with Time

invest in current technology


Inspiring Self-Employment environment

Inspiring youth to take self-employment decision.

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